Investment Objective

Kenson Ventures seeks to attain superior return by investing in and advising early-stage, mid-stage and some late-stage companies with great potentials in biotechnology and life sciences space. We help build values and companies.

Investment Criteria

In making investments, Kenson Ventures places emphasis on the following criteria:

         The track-record and experience of the company's scientific and management teams

         The merits and quality of the company's underlying technologies

         The market potential of the company's products

         The amount of financial needs

         Entry barriers

         Exit strategies

Investment Review Process

Kenson Ventures encourages the submission of business plans that meet our stated investment criteria. After an initial screening, we review submitted proposals in depth, perform reference checks, (if necessary) conduct patent searches, and assess the business strategies and financial needs of the company. With promising proposals, we then negotiate terms of potential investment that is mutually beneficial and make the investment decision accordingly.

As a general practice, we communicate our level of interest with the applicants within two to three weeks after receiving their proposals. The time required for completion of a thorough review ranges from a few weeks to two months.

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